Cabaret Performer

Chris began his cabaret performance career as Donald Levange in The Gaiety Players, a ‘Vulgar Edwardian Trio’ and forerunner to the hit Star Follies. The show revived the good old days and was known to many as ‘the campest nostalgic mince through music hall variety ever to hit the London stage’!

Chris has developed a reputation for his beautiful singing voice and superb theatrical comic timing and since those early days at the Vauxhall Tavern and other equally salubrious venues, Chris has gone on to endear himself to many cabaret audiences, not only as Donald, but in a myriad other guises.

Children’s Theatre Actor

Children’s theatre has given Chris a wonderful opportunity to indulge his talents as a singer, comedian, character actor and entertainer. He has played many outlandish characters in theatre in education productions and with Simply Smiley Productions.

Chris has a natural affinity with an excitable audience and is highly skilled at encouraging audience participation. His boundless energy and love for performance make him a natural on the children’s theatre stage.

Chris has also co-written many of the shows he has performed in, including Outer Space Christmas for Simply Smiley Productions Children’s Theatre.

Character Actor

Chris has become known for his characterisations. Often hilarious and always thoroughly entertaining, his characters beguile, excite and transfix an audience.

He is a true entertainer.

Star Follies MC

For over ten years Chris has starred as Donald Levange, host and MC of the Star Follies sing-along-a-sheet-music-show. Chris uses all his comedic talents to create an evening of sparkling entertainment, at which the audience members are the stars of the show, singing from sheet music to piano accompaniment.

Working closely with his stage partner Bella Borgia, Queen of the Keys, Chris established Star Follies as a hit with a packed weekly audience at various West End venues.

The show combined ‘the best of variety with the spontaneity of karaoke’ to dazzling effect and established Chris as a witty, urbane, eloquent and most elegant MC.

Pantomime Performer

The pantomime stage has provided the ideal platform for Chris to play many larger than life characters. He revels in the chance to put on a costume and thrill and charm an audience with his comic creations, taking them on a fantastic journey.

Audiences love the characters that he brings to life with such charm and panache.